They say that holding a grudge or being angry with someone is like taking poison yourself and expecting the other person to die… and while death might seem like too drastic an end for something as trivial as resentment – I do find some truth in this.

I have seen whole people wither from anger, hatred, stress and pain. People with unfathomable potential, incredible talent, unrelenting passion and the brightest light who have surrendered everything they are to unfortunate circumstances and evil souls.

Life is can be one  cranky bitch… In one week you will have gained everything you have ever wanted and exactly a month later you might lose it all. It is only after we are forced to realise our greatest fears that  we learn what it means to stop, breathe, take an attentive look around and appreciate the simplest of blessings.

It is the very same appreciation that will make you untouchable.

My thought for this beautiful morning:

Celebrate the little things in life and embrace your passion. Take mental snapshots of moments that will leave you with the memories that you look back on and smile at.

Rather than being one to chase money… be one to chase the stars instead.