When I look back on my life thus far and take the time to think about who I am and what I have accomplished I feel a sense of pride. Not because I am conceited enough to think that I am simply the bees knees and not because I alone have conquered every obstacle that has crossed my path, but because of the person that my parents raised me to be.

I feel very strongly that too many people attribute the person that they are (especially if boring, useless, lack luster or down right horrid) to their parents and the failures they have made in creating another human being. It is very easy to take a look at the mistakes they have made and blame them rather than considering mistakes of your own.Ultimately I think that accepting your parents walks hand in hand with accepting yourself…

Growing up, we are told time and time again that making a mistake should become a lesson in life and not something negative, that in failure we should strive to find success. So why is it then that we cannot give our parents the same understanding?

My parents were/are far from perfect, but somewhere betwixt divorce and being shunted back and forth between two complete polar opposites for years – I became the result and I am damn proud of who I am today.

Final thought: 

If ever you become a parent, or perhaps, if you already are one – take the time to look back on the moments you thought your parents had failed and then take a look at your own… We are all only doing the best we can for those we love so dearly and if we aren’t, the result is quite miraculous nonetheless…