I have spent a great deal of my time wondering what it is that I am meant to do with my life but what I come to understand more and more, with each day that passes, is that time does not stop for me to wonder.

While this may seem obvious, now at age 23. I look back to the year that I matriculated and cannot believe that five years have already passed. Before they had I dreamed of travelling, of having studied, of my Dad still being here each and every step of the way to catch me if I fall. But all of this, every single facet of my life, has changed.

Now each day, after having been back handed roughly by Murphy’s Law and learning – in the most callous, heartbreaking way possible – that loss is more than handing your virginity over to your first sexual encounter or having to use a twisted coat hanger to wedge and wangle your way into your car… All I ask is that you encourage your soul.

At first, it can be hard to understand what this really means, I myself am still trying to figure it out, but while I do – I want to take the time to share it all with you.

This site is going to be about pain, happiness, health, wealth, appreciating the simplest of blessings but more than anything, about learning to become unrelentingly, unapologetically, wonderfully, perfectly…