There comes a time in life where you need to acknowledge that you are over the loud, commercially designed and popular haunts that you once adored. That the toxic poisons Vodka/Stroh Rum/Tequila that you once swigged by the mouth full simply to ‘get your freak on’ every half an hour hoping to find a willing mate (with or without beer goggles on) – are no longer a part of your life, or perhaps, can no longer be stomached.

Suddenly memories of the golden liquid, that somehow managed to leave an unstable Aunt Ethel (more aptly nicknamed Aunt Ethanol) both happy and sad at the same time at every family function without fail, come flooding into your mind in the same way it now floods your tummy after a hard days work..

A drink once sour and vinegar-like, a drink that you once associated more with the older, distinguished lady or gentleman, a drink that once simply would not do for your forever empty wallet – has now become the reason to cuddle up on the couch with a good book, be labelled as the pretentious couple that invites friends over to try the new ‘Fat Bastard Savignon Blanc’, enjoy a night in with people that you can actually have an intellectual conversation with and be your very own confident and opinionated self with.

Three cheers to becoming an adult and embracing it with our overdue bills in one hand and a large, chilled glass of white wine in the other!!