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Becoming yourself: One sip of white wine, one long run, one creation and one mistake at a time…

While You’re Out Looking for Sugar

I haven’t always been the ‘glass half full’ type and to be honest sometimes I still find it hard to be now.

There are days when I feel like I am not doing enough, or perhaps, that I am not enough at all. Days when I feel pained by bad service delivery and incompetent individuals paid to do a job that someone else would pillage and plunder to have… annoyed by how badly people drive with no care for the lives of others… saddened by the growing masses that stand desperately pleading at every traffic light passed, which in turn, we are lucky to have working after one drop of rain grazes its waterproof enclosure…

The point that I often have to make to myself is that it is far too easy to be negative. To feel such dreadful emotions for something that unfortunately we are not always able to change. All we can hope for in life is to die knowing that we made a difference by changing the world one person at a time.

It’s funny how little we now value one rand (not too long ago, the same amount could buy ten Chappies and now you would be happy just to get three instead) when one rand given by just twenty individuals is able to feed a single starving person for a day, if not, longer.

Yes, the very same person begging for just an ounce of mercy could be one of the many frauds exposed on Carte Blanche for earning hundreds a day, but ultimately, why relinquish the opportunity to change someone’s life, even just temporarily for them? Why allow the frauds to ruin it for those remaining that really just need to find hope and have their faith in humanity restored?

I, personally, would split one hundred rand between ten beggars and know that even just two truly needed it, than do nothing at all. Of course, you could argue that you are enabling them to continue a life of begging to get by, but in a country where finding a job can prove to be as successful as drawing blood from a rock, in a country where many have been raised with very little education or none at all – is that honestly fair?

We spend a great deal of our time striving for wealth. Not wealth in knowledge, or love, or in growing the talents we have been gifted with, but in the little coloured slips of paper that dictate who we are to society…

I am by no means a preacher, doctor, lecturer, professor or president. All I ask is that you recognise that:

‘While you’re out looking for sugar, somebody’s gonna take your honey and be gone…’

Embrace more than just money. Work hard for what you have and by all means – have the car, the girl, the mansion, the yacht – just make sure that you grow as a person while you do.


A Lesson in Accepting your Parents

When I look back on my life thus far and take the time to think about who I am and what I have accomplished I feel a sense of pride. Not because I am conceited enough to think that I am simply the bees knees and not because I alone have conquered every obstacle that has crossed my path, but because of the person that my parents raised me to be.

I feel very strongly that too many people attribute the person that they are (especially if boring, useless, lack luster or down right horrid) to their parents and the failures they have made in creating another human being. It is very easy to take a look at the mistakes they have made and blame them rather than considering mistakes of your own.Ultimately I think that accepting your parents walks hand in hand with accepting yourself…

Growing up, we are told time and time again that making a mistake should become a lesson in life and not something negative, that in failure we should strive to find success. So why is it then that we cannot give our parents the same understanding?

My parents were/are far from perfect, but somewhere betwixt divorce and being shunted back and forth between two complete polar opposites for years – I became the result and I am damn proud of who I am today.

Final thought: 

If ever you become a parent, or perhaps, if you already are one – take the time to look back on the moments you thought your parents had failed and then take a look at your own… We are all only doing the best we can for those we love so dearly and if we aren’t, the result is quite miraculous nonetheless…

Letting Go

They say that holding a grudge or being angry with someone is like taking poison yourself and expecting the other person to die… and while death might seem like too drastic an end for something as trivial as resentment – I do find some truth in this.

I have seen whole people wither from anger, hatred, stress and pain. People with unfathomable potential, incredible talent, unrelenting passion and the brightest light who have surrendered everything they are to unfortunate circumstances and evil souls.

Life is can be one  cranky bitch… In one week you will have gained everything you have ever wanted and exactly a month later you might lose it all. It is only after we are forced to realise our greatest fears that  we learn what it means to stop, breathe, take an attentive look around and appreciate the simplest of blessings.

It is the very same appreciation that will make you untouchable.

My thought for this beautiful morning:

Celebrate the little things in life and embrace your passion. Take mental snapshots of moments that will leave you with the memories that you look back on and smile at.

Rather than being one to chase money… be one to chase the stars instead. 

A Tribute to White Wine

There comes a time in life where you need to acknowledge that you are over the loud, commercially designed and popular haunts that you once adored. That the toxic poisons Vodka/Stroh Rum/Tequila that you once swigged by the mouth full simply to ‘get your freak on’ every half an hour hoping to find a willing mate (with or without beer goggles on) – are no longer a part of your life, or perhaps, can no longer be stomached.

Suddenly memories of the golden liquid, that somehow managed to leave an unstable Aunt Ethel (more aptly nicknamed Aunt Ethanol) both happy and sad at the same time at every family function without fail, come flooding into your mind in the same way it now floods your tummy after a hard days work..

A drink once sour and vinegar-like, a drink that you once associated more with the older, distinguished lady or gentleman, a drink that once simply would not do for your forever empty wallet – has now become the reason to cuddle up on the couch with a good book, be labelled as the pretentious couple that invites friends over to try the new ‘Fat Bastard Savignon Blanc’, enjoy a night in with people that you can actually have an intellectual conversation with and be your very own confident and opinionated self with.

Three cheers to becoming an adult and embracing it with our overdue bills in one hand and a large, chilled glass of white wine in the other!!

Encouraging Your Soul

I have spent a great deal of my time wondering what it is that I am meant to do with my life but what I come to understand more and more, with each day that passes, is that time does not stop for me to wonder.

While this may seem obvious, now at age 23. I look back to the year that I matriculated and cannot believe that five years have already passed. Before they had I dreamed of travelling, of having studied, of my Dad still being here each and every step of the way to catch me if I fall. But all of this, every single facet of my life, has changed.

Now each day, after having been back handed roughly by Murphy’s Law and learning – in the most callous, heartbreaking way possible – that loss is more than handing your virginity over to your first sexual encounter or having to use a twisted coat hanger to wedge and wangle your way into your car… All I ask is that you encourage your soul.

At first, it can be hard to understand what this really means, I myself am still trying to figure it out, but while I do – I want to take the time to share it all with you.

This site is going to be about pain, happiness, health, wealth, appreciating the simplest of blessings but more than anything, about learning to become unrelentingly, unapologetically, wonderfully, perfectly…


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